Malls & Large Retail Industries

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Reliable, exceptional services to protect your shoppers.

It’s not easy operating a mall or large-scale retail space today. With shootings, gang violence, and a seemingly endless potential for dangerous situations, a strong, reliable security presence today is a necessity.

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But providing mall security services are also an extension of your team. They interact with guests and have the power to create or destroy a positive association with your brand.

It’s no wonder so many malls have difficulty finding the best mall security and maintenance services!

At ASG, we understand the frustrations many malls and large retail management companies face when partnering with a security or maintenance vendor. Our clients share many stories of disappointment with previous partners, and often have a warranted wariness when choosing a new security or maintenance partner.

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Our mall partners are quickly relieved and thrilled after choosing ASG as a vendor, because:

Your security team will consist of highly-trained, personal and personable individuals. Your patrons deserve courteous, professional interactions with security and maintenance staff. At ASG, we go above and beyond to treat our employees well — they are our most important asset! And our employees reward us back by consistently providing exemplary service to our clients. We care about them, and in turn, they care about their work.

Your security staff will be highly trained to deal with dangerous situations. With the potential for violence in your mall at any time, having the right training and skills to quickly diffuse (or even prevent) a violent outbreak is crucial. At ASG, every employee is thoroughly screened and vetted by our in-house team. They have extensive training to ensure that you and your patrons are protected.

Your satisfaction is our commitment.

We, including our executive team, live and breathe commitment to clients. Some days that means providing exceptional talent, and other times it’s giving a FAST response to questions or concerns — every time, 24/7/365.

The cost- and time-burden of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training an in-house team is overwhelming. With ASG, you can trust us every step of the way. From the moment you sign a contract, we handle everything, including every step of the transition process. You can truly rest easy and focus on the more mission-critical elements of your job. We’ll protect your patrons.

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You deserve a more reliable security partner.

ASG can give you the results you deserve.