Electronic Security Services

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Cutting-edge technology to protect your organization.

With technology changing at a cut-rate speed, staying on top of the latest advancements is crucial for protecting your business. At A Services Group, we are constantly researching and testing the latest developments so that we can bring you the best, most comprehensive electronic security services possible.

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Electronic security technology today mimics what may have seemed like science fiction only a decade or so ago.

Advancements like biometrics, access control, surveillance cameras and notifications directly to your mobile device are very real, and are protecting organizations like yours across the country.

Our electronic solutions

Our electronic security experts will design custom electronic security services for your organization to add another layer of protection for your employees, patrons and assets.

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Video Cameras

ASG designs and installs high quality video surveillance systems. From county-wide and city-wide wireless networks for law enforcement, to systems that meet the needs of small business owners, we have expertise to achieve optimal solutions.

Law enforcement comprises a large segment of our customer base. If they consider ours the system of choice, you can rest assured that ASG will take care of your needs with the same level of care, concern and sophistication.

Our systems record at 30 FPS (frames per second) — this is considered full-motion and provides exceptional quality. Many camera systems only record at 15 to 20 FPS, which can miss important details in the event of an emergency or security breach.

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Access Control

Safeguarding entry points is a critical component of security for any organization. With traditional keys or keypads, you have extremely limited control over access to your facility and critical areas. Keys can be copied, codes shared and facilities compromised. Access control solutions allows you to:

  • Automatically lock/unlock doors via a time schedule
  • Restrict access by day, time, location, personnel group and more
  • Complete audits of all entries and events
  • Integration biometrics and “smart cards” plus the ability to run reports by door, time, person, group or alarm type
  • Remove access with a simple click of a button
  • Integrate recorded video, time and attendance, additional alarms, guard tour, photo-identification, graphical maps, key control, pager system, HVAC alarms and more
  • Leverage one software interface and one card that can control access to a single building or hundreds of buildings spread across the world

Why choose ASG for electronic security services?

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We do everything in house

We do not contract out work. Your organization’s security requires the utmost level of detail and observation. When you work with ASG, you can rest assured you are working with highly-trained experts in their fields who are passionate about protecting your organization.
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Our systems are not proprietary

You’re not trapped with ASG in any capacity. There are other providers who can service your electronic security technology. We operate with integrity and place the highest level of value on our client relationships. But if for any reason you no longer wish to work with us, another provider should be able to service your technology.
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You’re never locked into a contract

We pride ourselves on our client retention and strive to over-deliver for our clients. That can be seen through our commitment to service and fast response time — in fact, everyone up to our leadership team gives out their cell phone numbers and is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions or address your concerns — as well as through our incredible, highly-trained staff. We take every step possible to ensure that you are happy working with us; however, if you ever decide to leave you will not be tied down by a contract.

Our electronic security services provide a crucial layer of protection.