Security Assessment

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Providing security assessments to prevent catastrophe.

The best way to handle risks and dangerous situations is to prevent them altogether. Over the years, ASG consultants have conducted hundreds of on-site security assessments and audits to prevent potential catastrophes.

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The potential for risk can affect any organization. Types of organizations we have assisted include:

  • Educational institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Churches
  • Commercial and office complexes
  • And many more
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Our team of security assessment experts will craft a custom assessment of your organization. Then, we’ll work together with your team to develop cost-effective solutions from our recommendations to protect your organization, employees and patrons from potential harm. Our security assessment process includes:

  • Evaluate the facility exterior after dark and during the day
  • Compile a basic background assessment of the facility
  • Identify potential exposures
  • Conduct interviews with law enforcement
  • Review policy and procedure manuals
  • Analyze emergency procedures and develop a plan for emergency response
  • Perform a safety and security audit
  • Conduct business continuity evaluations

Why choose ASG for security assessment services?

A simple internet search produces a myriad of options for security assessment services. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell providers apart, but ASG’s exhaustive and methodical approach to security is hard to match. From pre-hires and current employees to third-party guests, we provide policies and protocol designed to ensure the safety your organization’s facility and its people. When it comes to routine activities such as mail handling or opening and closing your facility, we detail recommended processes that are customized for your organization.

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At ASG, we are:

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A private, family-owned business

We have a central headquarters that avoids red tape, petty politics and bureaucracy. With our resources in-house, our strong culture allows us to then focus on operating with integrity. We are truly committed to putting our clients first.
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Committed to hiring only truly exceptional personnel

We only hire the best to conduct your audits. We value our employees so highly that we go far above industry norms to treat them well and ensure that they are happy to be a part of the ASG team. The difference in working with a satisfied team that feels valued is palpable.
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More than security assessment services

It can be difficult keeping track of multiple vendors, and you may even get conflicting information between them. At ASG, we work as your single-source vendor to assist you with more than security assessment services. We meet your security and janitorial needs so that your organization stays safe, secure and well maintained.

ASG will go the extra mile to protect your organization.