Automotive Industry

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Better service. Better rates.

You’re worried about protecting your employees and keeping your automotive facility safe from hazards. But you have to balance those concerns with consideration of cost. ASG services the automotive industry with security, janitorial, manufacturing, and electronic security services that protect your most important assets and maximize your investment.

automotive industry

ASG services the automotive industry with better employees.

With an entirely in-house staff of well paid, well vetted employees, ASG can provide you with precisely the talent needed to keep your automotive plant safe and free of hazards.

ASG services the automotive industry with a commitment to diversity.

We understand the pressure for automotive organizations to embrace diversity among its suppliers, and at ASG, we have the capacity to meet your diversity requirements.

ASG services the automotive industry with a well-rounded solution.

ASG understands that keeping your organization safe and free from hazards goes beyond traditional security services. Avoid the hassle of multiple vendors and enjoy the cost savings and autonomy that comes with a single vendor.

ASG provides the automotive industry with the following services:


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Our extensive law enforcement background enables us to create a highly-personalized security program specifically for your organization.


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Our green-certified janitorial services keep your plant clean and safer for employees.

Security Technology

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The right security technology can mean the difference between a breach and a protected organization.