Active Shooter Training

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Recognize. Respond. Survive.

Time is critical during an active shooter situation or medical emergency. Essentially, YOU are your own first responder. The decisions you make and the actions you take in those first critical seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

active shooter response training

Our on-site active shooter training classes are designed for one critical purpose: to empower individuals and save lives.

Hands-on training prepares workplaces, schools or places of worship in South Carolina to respond instinctively to medical emergencies or potentially violent situations.

Led by a well-trained team of experts with first-hand experience dealing with violent situations and medical emergencies, courses have been designed specifically to provide individuals and groups with powerful knowledge and steps to follow in potentially life-altering situations.

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Active Shooter Training

Videos cannot accurately convey the steps needed to save lives in violent situations. Our training goes beyond lectures and video clips to provide an empowering and complete active shooter training experience for organizations in SC.
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Emergency Medical Training

Would you be ready if a coworker, parishioner, friend or loved one suddenly had a medical emergency? Equip yourself with the skill to control bleeding by providing life-saving emergency aid like applying a tourniquet or packing a wound.
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Learn to Handle Stressful Situations

The average person, faced with a stressful emergency like an active shooter event, will fight, flee, or Our training emphasizes stress inoculation and muscle memory development so that in the most stressful situations, your body will know what to do.

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