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Reliable, comprehensive services to protect your facility and employees.

The news is filled with shocking headlines. You do not want to act in fear; however, the reality is that times have changed. Workplace shootings and other attacks are becoming more common. Is your facility up to OSHA standards?

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There’s that, plus the sheer volume of work needed to keep your plant or construction site clean, maintained, safe and hazard-free. ASG provides manufacturing staffing services, industrial and construction security services, as well as janitorial services to save you time and make life easier.

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ASG provides industrial and construction security services to protect your organizational assets.

From on-site employee theft to active shooter events or other violent situations, protecting your organizational assets — tangible as well as human — is critical. ASG leadership is comprised of law enforcement experts who have strong relationships with local law enforcement.

Our staff is entirely in-house, fully vetted and screened. We maximize your retainer to pay our security and janitorial employees top dollar because we appreciate working with the best — and they appreciate being a part of our team. As a result, our turnover rates are well below the industry average. When you partner with ASG for industrial and construction security services, our team becomes your team.

ASG provides manufacturing and construction staffing services to save you time and hassle.

Hiring top talent who will work hard for and care about your organization requires extensive expertise and experience in finding the right security and janitorial talent. Rather than stressing over how to recruit and vet top employees for your plant or worksite, just trust ASG. We have extensive experience recruiting exceptional security and janitorial talent for manufacturing plants throughout the Southeast.

ASG maximizes your investment to provide better results at a lower cost.

We are proud to provide industry-leading service to manufacturing plants and construction companies. That means FAST response to your needs. Our executive team is available 24/7/365 when you have an immediate need, question or concern. Your problems will never be put off until tomorrow.

Because we staff entirely in-house, you only have to make one call for security, janitorial or security technology services. Forget scrambling to remember which vendor services what department and when they are available. ASG has it covered.

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Protect your organization with exceptional talent.