A Service Group executives have an extensive law enforcement background in the security industry that makes them experts in this field. ASG creates a security program tailored to your site specific needs. We take pride in working with you on local level, ensuring that you have a direct connection to us whenever you may need it. Our goal is to provide the right level of security, protect your property, and reduce your cost, while improving your bottom line.

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A Services Group realizes that an effective agency offers more than just an “investigator.” Due to client needs ASG has formed a team of experienced investigators and experts to handle all of your investigation needs. Our investigators are fully licensed and insured to operate in the state and provide court worthy evidence. ASG investigators have developed proven methods that get results, and they use cutting edge surveillance techniques to gather the necessary evidence to find the truth. Our goal is to protect the best interest of our clients. Whether the case is “hot or “cold” we do our best to bring the truth to light. Choosing ASG you are picking the best team of highly-trained private investigators in the industry.

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Electronic Security

A Services Group is a premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions to consumers and businesses of all sizes. Bringing the latest advances in electronic security utilizing Access Control, Biometrics, and Video Surveillance.

We understand technology is ever changing, and the need to keep our clients up to date with the times is of up most importance.

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Risk Assessment

Our goal is to enlighten our clients of means to protect them from potential risk. ASG consultants have conducted hundreds of on-site security assessments and audits. Our clients include educational and financial institutions, churches, commercial, and office complexes as well as stadiums and arenas that host amateur and professional sporting events.

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Staffing has become a major headache for most businesses in America today; from the increased paperwork associated with health insurance and payroll deductions to keeping up with all of the new changes in labor laws. We have the ability to customize and tailor our services to meet your needs.
At A Services Group we take the hassle out of staffing and can actually achieve increased savings on many of the programs you currently buy. We also offer full confidentiality or employee information as well as payroll and expense information.

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Janitorial is just one of many areas of employment for which A Service Group provides staffing services. The janitorial profession is a valued contributor to the daily functioning of businesses everywhere, and quality janitorial services are constantly being sought to take care of cleaning and maintaining various public and commercial buildings such as manufactures, businesses, retail centers, and office complexes. ASG is Green Certified, and can provide janitorial service on a schedule that meets your needs.

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Services Group and its affiliated companies provide services in 23 states. For more information please call our toll free number at 866-787-8634 to find the nearest location to you.